Getting the Insurance Runaround?

You Know It When Your See It

Jeffrey S. Trespel, the managing attorney of The Justice Project of New Mexico team, says the insurance runaround takes many forms:

  • Delays in taking or returning phone calls
  • Mountains of paperwork to fill out
  • Excuses for why no action is being taken on your claim
  • Excessive demands for evidence of your claim
  • Dismissiveness toward the extent of your injuries
  • Low-ball settlement offer to make you go away

The Justice Project of New Mexico was created to help people with smaller, but worthy claims who weren’t getting straight answers from insurance companies,” Jeffrey S. Trespel says. “If you have a claim where liability on the other side is clear, The Justice Project of New Mexico may be the best answer to your problem.”

What We Stand For

“The scales of justice are just that — a balancing of interests. We add weight to the side of an injured party or someone tired of being dealt with in bad faith.”

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