Our History of Representing the Little Guy

Serving People with Worthy Insurance Claims

In 2009, Will Ferguson & Associates, New Mexico’s largest personal injury law firm, recognized that the system was doing a disservice to people injured by the negligence of others in cases where liability by the other party was crystal clear.

It created The Justice Project of New Mexico – a team of experienced former insurance industry claims adjusters and supervisors, managed by an attorney with insurance industry experience, to stand up to insurance carriers that drag their feet in settling worthy claims.

When The Justice Project team takes a case, we evaluate the extent of our client’s injuries, then demand fair compensation in exchange for settling the claim out of court in a timely manner.

Our involvement in a personal-injury insurance claim dramatically reduces the time it takes for our clients to receive compensation and significantly increases the amount of their monetary recovery as well.

We work with Other Law Firms

Some of The Justice Project’s clients come from direct referral by other law firms that do not practice personal injury law but want their clients’ personal injury cases handled by an experienced, ethical, effective and aggressive legal team.

We will consider shared representation, reciprocal referrals and recognition of work by other attorneys as warranted.

The sooner we get involved, the sooner your claim can be resolved.

There is no obligation or cost to you for an evaluation of your case.