Justice Project of New Mexico

Our law firm accepts personal-injury cases where the other party is clearly at fault.

We negotiate with insurance companies so you don’t have to.


We are a team of experienced former insurance claims supervisors and adjusters, under the guidance of an experienced managing attorney, who efficiently and expeditiously obtain negotiated settlements that our clients deserve.


We get involved in a personal-injury claim early on and evaluate the extent of our clients’ damages, document their claims and quickly and aggressively demand fair compensation from the other party’s insurance carrier.


An evaluation of your personal-injury case costs you nothing. Call us before you talk to the insurance company representing the other party. The sooner we get involved, the sooner your claim can be resolved.

Justice Project of New Mexico

The experienced claims adjusters of The Justice Project of New Mexico and our managing attorney refuse to allow an insurance company to employ delays, evasion, or bureaucratic trickery to harm our clients’ interests.

Early involvement by The Justice Project of New Mexico in a potential claim can save you time and frustration, protect your right to fair compensation, and maximize your chance of prompt recovery.

Don’t be fooled by the friendly voice of an insurance adjuster working for the other side: They are not representing your interests. Their job is to save their employer money.

Only an advocate working for you and only you can ethically represent your interests. Any accident, even a minor one, involves pain, discomfort or inconvenience. The last thing someone with a worthy accident claim needs is the added anguish that comes with getting the insurance runaround.

Call the experts at The Justice Project of New Mexico.

There is no obligation or cost to you for an evaluation of your case.